Dinosaur Workspace is an experiment in merging a playful and regimented cartooning practice with doing practical good in the world through effective altruism.

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement "focused on doing good better," aiming primarily to use reason, data and sound policy to do the greatest amount of good possible through means like charitable giving and volunteer work. The philosophy has been developed by Will MacAskill, Associate Professor and Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Dinosaur Workspace represents an attempt to combine a cartooning practice with the tenets of the effective altruism movement. Dinosaur drawings will be made available to view for free on the Dinosaur Workspace Instagram page (@dinosaurworkspace). They will be available to own for anyone who wants them and inquires after them first, provided 100% of proceeds go to one of the maximum-impact charities that top the list outlined by EffectiveAltruism.org

To begin with and on an experimental and provisional basis, dinosaur drawings will be priced at $7 of charitable giving per square inch of work. For example a 1.5" by 4" dinosaur drawing will be available in exchange for a donation of at least $42 to one of the approved charitable organizations.

Proof of donation to one of the approved organizations will be furnished in exchange for the original artwork. The artist will retain publishing and printing rights to the images while the original artwork will become property of the donor. All work published on the Instagram gallery will be available to own. Individual commissions will also be considered and priced at the same rate. Donors will be free to donate as much as they like above the minimum required donation for each individual piece.

Shipping will be free within the United States of America. Shipping costs or availability may vary outside of the U.S.A.

I have co-founded and co-edited the international comics and art anthology Irene (alongside Andy Warner and Dakota McFadzean), published an experimental book of comics with Fantagraphics entitled Mountebank: A Psychedoolic Sketchbook, participated in curated gallery shows and practice cartooning in sketchbooks and on paper every day. I've loved drawing dinosaurs all of my life and am interested in challenging myself to see if I can become better at it through practice, discipline, patience and fun. I support myself by working non-art-related jobs. In my free time I pursue other interests, including volunteering as an adult literacy tutor.

Contact: dinosaurworkspace@gmail

Dinosaur Workspace Instagram gallery: @dinosaurworkspace

Main cartooning Instagram: @kidclampdown

Best charities to donate to presently: Giving What We Can

Effective Altruism website: EffectiveAltruism.org